Friday, October 19, 2012

What's Happening in Books: Week Oct 19th!


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Happy Friday Hallelujah it's the end of the week! And we finally ordered a couch and bought a kitchen table so we're not living off the floor! Yay! Because I love link roundups, here are a few articles I've noticed myself around the websphere lately..

YALSA Teens Top Ten Winners have been announced! I'm sure you can guess half of the list but if you're looking for a new read, try a Top Ten!

Author Natalie Whipple talks about other people having your story ideas (that idea terrifies me!) Read HERE.

 Nathan Bransford follows up with his post "Ideas Aren't Sacred" (but it sure feels like it when you're drafting, doesn't it!?) Read HERE

Should teen novels have ratings? Imho we should rate author photos bc this one seems a bit come hither-like..The Telegraph HERE

NYTimes interview with the author everyone's been crapping on lately, J.K Rowling on favorite books and authors(my thoughts on that next week..) HERE

Bookshelves Anonymous Talks about the best places to visit in books HERE.  Oh that they were real places....

The Most Dysfunctional Families in Literature but Publishers Weekly. The it.. Pand P, the Bennets?

Q and A with Lemony Snicket (best name EVER.) HERE

Johnny Depp's production company Infinitum Nihil, starting Publishing Imprint. (Johnny + books= major swoon-age!)

This poster to carry you into the weekend:

 Or creep you out forever if you saw the last movie..Gaah!
(Thanks Wandering Librarians for movie poster! HERE)

  Happy Friday!

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