Monday, June 18, 2012

First Post

The first post on a new blog ought to reflect the purpose of said blog. The problem is, I don't really know what its purpose is. I suppose it's a place to house all my ramblings. Maybe I should have called it Jenna's Ramblings. Hmm. Anyway what you can expect (if you so choose to read) is a lot of posts on writing, wanting to publish, tips and tricks of the trade, entertainment reviews and a whole lot of rambling about topics I would love to hear others' feedback about.

   I'm a writer. I'm writing a book. You'll probably hear a lot of the ups and downs that go along with that and I hope that if you're in the same boat I am that you'll chime in with your words of wisdom, experience and opinions. Maybe this place can be one where you can ramble too.

   The title I Live Beyond is taken from A Tree Grows in Brooklyn one of my all-time favorite books. Here's the full quote:

 “Because," explained Mary Rommely simply, "the child must have a valuable thing which is called imagination. The child must have a secret world in which live things that never were. It is necessary that she believe. She must start out by believing in things not of this world. Then when the world becomes too ugly for living in, the child can reach back and live in her imagination. I, myself, even in this day and at my age, have great need of recalling the miraculous lives of the Saints and the great miracles that have come to pass on earth. Only by having these things in my mind can I live beyond what I have to live for.” 

 To me this summarizes my purpose for writing and for reading. So often when life begins to buck, there, in the back of my mind, lies an entire world that is so real because I need it to be. And sometimes it's only because that imaginative world exists to give me a short respite that I can must up the strength to get through another difficult circumstance, day, whatever it is. 

(Also, I may be a writer but I've never been good at grammar so please excuse!)

Is that enough rambling for one post? Okay :)

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