Wednesday, July 4, 2012

2 Writing Articles to Note

I read two articles this week that I think every aspiring advanced writer should take a look at.The first one is from the NYTimes about how one book a year (which so many notable authors have publicly commented on as being very difficult to do. Unless you're James Patterson who had part in releasing 13 novels last year.) just doesn't cut it anymore and that you should be producing at least two/year and or supplementing your work. Read the article Here

   I do agree that getting your books out in front of people more often will increase your sales. That's why James Patterson does what he does. Every time you walk into a bookstore I guarantee you see one of his books in the front of the store because of how many new releases he sells per year. That's on purpose, people.

    The article also references how other authors are supplementing their major works with small stories or snippets in the off-publishing time. The reason for this, according to the article, is because in the e-book age readers are hungering for and expect more from their favorite authors than the traditional one book a year. I'm not sure I agree with that exactly.

      I do lust for the sequel of a favorite book and to read more from favorite authors so I get that part of it. But I don't know if this idea of having to publish more to be successful is reader driven. I think current media has allowed more direct contact between authors and readers allowing un-traditional publishing protocol to exist. Like publishing shorts in between your novels or chapters of unfinished works on blogs etc. The traditional publishing mode is generally seeing your work 1-2 years after a publisher has accepted it and before this modern media rush they were largely in charge of all promotional marketing. Now, authors have really had to take the reins on Twitter, blogs, facebook etc to get themselves out there which is where they idea of More! More! comes from I think.

  There are so many books coming out all the time, no reader could ever read them all. I've never had a problem supplementing my reading with a lot of these other books I'm excited about while waiting for the next book of my favorite author. I haven't heard a lot of grumbling from readers seriously complaining of the wait either.

 Although I will say, I believe self-publishing is different. The more book you can get out there the more money you should make (if you're good and are lucky) and the more changes of readers finding you in the swamp of self-published works. Amanda Hocking had 8 books out one year which launched her to success. Joe Konrath has many, many more than that out now. That's why they make so much at it. I do not think they could at one book per year.

   What are your thoughts? Am I behind the times? Should I be demanding more of my authors? Or this, with self-publishing and how you can literally write a novel one week and publish it the next, are people not caring about content as much as getting the next fix from their author? Even if it means sacrificing quality?

 Which brings me to the next post that has thoroughly enlightened me. I think this one is for more advanced writers, those who have been around the block a time or two and looking to take their writing to a new level.

Original post by Rachel Aaron here

It's gotten a lot of talk from authors such a Holly Black who had an excellent post on the topic you can find on her blog. As this post is already lengthy enough, I'll be back tomorrow with my take on it and eager to hear yours! 

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